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Locks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are built for varied purposes. From industrial strength robust padlocks to smart new-age locks for the techno-savvy population, the locksmithing industry has certainly outdone itself in the last few years by introducing an array of options in the market. This however is indicative of two things: one, the customer is caught up in a dilemma as to which product might sync with their requirements and two, it is harder than ever to find a locksmith with knowledge of the innumerable locks being rolled out.

What if the locksmith you call over to take a look at your high-security locks claims he’s never handled them before? But with Olathe KS Locksmith Store, you never have to worry about all that! We’ve been functioning as a reliable locks & locksmith service provider in Olathe, KS and have been deemed one of the best in the industry.


We keep pace with the times

We realize that to survive, we need to be the fittest and the smartest. For this reason, we require all our locksmiths to stay updated on the newest locks being introduced in the market and participate in extensive workshops for practical exposure.

We value customer’s time

Time is money; and there’s no refuting that statement. We know that the longer the locksmith takes to reach you when you’re caught up in a car lockout, the more pressure it creates on your emotional state. We’ve got a 24/7 locks & locksmith division, with a designated taskforce and mobile vans to ensure that we get to your location within 15-20 minutes of your call.

The affordable locks & locksmith

Based on our observations, we’ve noticed that the number one reason why people are hesitant about opting for a locksmith before trying out other alternatives is cost. Thanks to popular demand, several locksmiths quote exorbitant sums even for something as trivial as lock repair, or key copying. But with Olathe KS Locksmith Store as your locks & locksmith partner, you can be sure of availing services at a minimal cost.


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  • Repairs on locks, doors, cabinets, etc
  • New lock installation
  • Push bars installation
  • 24/7 locks & locksmith assistance
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  • Get recommendations on choosing locks
  • Emergency opening services
  • Devising security solutions
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